Did you know 69% of employers reject applicants because of social media posts? Don't let your grad be one of them. BrandYourself's reputation management software is the perfect gift to help them get search ready.

Our software helps grads clean up social media for the job search

Experts agree: students of all ages need to clean up their online presence to get hired – whether in high school, in college or already graduated. 

That's why over half a million students, professionals and colleges are using BrandYourself's software to get ahead.

"BrandYourself helped me find an old tweet I'd posted joking about skipping class. If I hadn't deleted it, it could have cost me my job!"

"We license BrandYourself's tool because our students need to know what employers can find out about them online."

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“If you want to present your best self to college admissions officers or employers, it really makes sense to use [online tools] before you apply.”

Our web-based software helps the grad in your life clean up their social media profiles and build an online presence that gets them hired. 

Our leading-edge machine learning technology automatically identifies  the definitive  list of red flags employers use to screen candidates. This includes any posts that employers might consider unprofessional, inappropriate, polarizing, or objectionable. They then have the choice to delete or ignore their flagged posts.

2. Our software identifies unprofessional Facebook & Twitter posts that employers look for as red flags - and helps  clean them up.

3. Our software identifies unprofessional social media photos that could lose  job opportunities - and helps clean them up.

Our cutting edge CleanImage technology automatically finds any images that could be considered unprofessional, including photos involving drinking, drugs, partying, and lewd behavior. Your child then has the choice to delete or ignore their flagged images, learning what hiring managers consider unprofessional behavior along the way. 

Our CleanSearch technology will automatically find any webpages in Google that could be considered unprofessional, including old court records, disparaging blog posts, bad press, gossip and more. They can then follow our steps to minimize their visibility in search engines or remove them.

4. Our technology identifies any search results that  could hurt their chances of getting hired - and helps suppress them. 

Our ReputationEngine technology shows your child how much their online reputation is impacting their career, and provides a customized action plan they can follow to improve it. Students who improve their score are statistically more likely to win career opportunities. 

5. Your child protects, monitors and improves their reputation over time, maximizing their opportunities. 

Why BrandYourself? Because it works, and you know exactly what you get.

Am I using this software, or is whomever I gift it to?

Your grad will use the software, not you. You won't be able to log into their account. Once you purchase their membership, you don't need to do anything except remind them to use it. 

I don't want to snoop around on their social media profiles, and they don't want me to either.

By buying a BrandYourself membership, you give your grad access to our online tools for private use—you won't see any of their social media posts.

They doesn't use social media much – I'm sure they're fine and don't need software.

Even if your child isn't active, their friends are. That means they could be tagged by a friend in a post or image that they didn't approve.

It's certainly possible. But times have changed – it's not just about skills anymore, and in a job market as competitive as today's, don't you want to make sure they have every edge they can get?

Nope. That doesn't work. Employers now use sophisticated tools that can get around name variations.

Can't  they just change their name on social media to avoid getting found?

We care, too. That's why we only access information that is already available  on the web. We never store private information, and we never sell customer information to third parties.

I'm concerned about my their privacy. I don't want their info sold to third parties.

You're giving your grad access to BrandYourself.com's Premium web-based software, which walks them through the process of cleaning up their online presence. Once you pay, they'll be emailed a link to log in and use the online software (you won't be able to log into their account).

What's included in my membership fee?

They wouldn't do anything inappropriate online. I trust that they're professional.

And we respect that. But here are two important things to keep in mind: 

-Inappropriate content might be by the hand of a past friend or classmate. Maybe your child was tagged in a photo they don't remember, or a derogatory post that they overlooked?

-College students make mistakes. We make sure those mistakes don't cost them a job.

Give the grad in your life the tools they need to clean up, protect and monitor their online presence:

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- Mike Cahill, Director of Career Services at Syracuse University

- Kim Lee, student in CA

- Ted Spencer, Director of Undergraduate Admissions at University of Michigan

Their qualifications speak for themselves. They'll get the job based on their experience.

We'll email them a link to log into their account, then our software will then walk them step-by-step through cleaning up their own online presence. You don't need to be involved in any way after this point, except to remind them to use BrandYourself.

1. You pay $99 to give your favorite grad access to our web-based software.

"It’s a good idea to remove online photos of drinking beer as college students enter the professional world. BrandYourself makes that easy."

- Wall Street Journal

BrandYourself is much needed, because when people come to work for me we just look them up.” 

- Daymond John


- National Survey of Recruiters (Jobvite)

Of employers screen candidates on social media and make hiring decisions based on what they find.

How It Works

BrandYourself has helped over half a million people look better online over the past 7 years, and won awards along the way.

We were offered one of the largest deals  in Shark Tank history.

Our software is the perfect gift to help your favorite grad succeed:
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Our team and investors include some of the founding members and executives of the world's best known social media and search engines.

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